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Training the Juventus way

The Juventus Academy hosted 120 boys and girls last week to a five-day training camp by the champions in Malta. NICOLÒ SARTI, Juventus Academy Head Coach since 2015 speaks about the intrinsic core values that the Juventus Academy seeks to impart through such training camps.

What makes a Juventus training experience different from other clubs’ similar camps?

“The beauty of every training camp conducted by the Juventus Academy is that each programme is discussed and personalised with the club’s team. We retain the intrinsic qualities that familiarise the children with Juventus and the teaching methods that only one of the greatest clubs in the world can provide.

“A programme like ours takes all the emotions of a Juventus experience beyond the Italian borders, giving all the participants a feel of the real Juventus environment, not only in terms of high standards of training but also the whole organisation.

“This is emphasised by the fact that during all our

training camps are always led by at least three coaches with a high level of Juventus background.”

Besides the prestige of the Juventus brand, what other values will this training camp bring to Maltese youngsters?

“Beyond football and tactics, this training camp is also bringing genuine pleasure, teaches respect and promotes the importance of fair play.

“We wish all the children the best future in football, but we know that this path is very hard. Therefore, we believe that teaching children the right values will help them to face their daily life in a better way.”

How has this week’s training camp been mapped out? Are you employing a standard format or has the programme been adapted to any specific local requirements?

“The beauty of our training programmes is that they allow us to adapt ourselves and our schedule to each country, culture, and habits.

“This is a central pillar in the way we work. I believe this is fundamental, especially in such a strange and dynamic period, where new rules and regulations are changing our everyday life in a very fast manner.

“Adaptation is key.”

What is the philosophy driving training and talent scouting at Juventus?

“Our goal is to deliver and promote our highest standards wherever we go while making it an unforgettable week of football for all the participating children.

“We do not actively look out for talents during our activities outside of Italy. The most important thing for us is to give the opportunity to all children to train and join the Juventus way worldwide.”

How does the club devise its teaching / training methods and do these reflect the training taking place at the very top?

“Our training methods have changed and evolved over the years, adapting to the needs of the moment. A high-level team of coaches work in our professional academy are constantly working to improve the training methods we offer.

“We pay great attention to the technical part, but also to the cognitive and emotional development of children.”

Have such training camps helped the club source any potential talent in the past? Can you give some examples?

“As I said before, we do not seek to identify new talent outside of Italy. However, I must say that some great talents grew up in our academies worldwide, giving them the chance to play in local professional clubs and achieving successful careers.”

What were your first observations from this training camp?

“We have found a great organization that is a result of the preparatory work of our official partners the Pater Group here in Malta.

“The local coaches selected to assist us on the football pitch are also showing a very professional attitude. 

The facilities we are using in St Andrew’s, which are of a very good standard, combined with everything else I mentioned helped us, the Juventus Academy team, to be able to concentrate even more on the technical way to be able to give the utmost attention to the children who, as mentioned, are the focal point and the protagonists of our project.”

The Juventus training camp has found the support of VisitMalta.com, Singular, Anchovy, Elmo Insurance, Corinthia St George’s Bay, and Jeep.

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