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Fabio Spiteri to cycle around Sicily coastline for animal charities

Ultra-Triathlete Fabio Spiteri is a few days away from his biggest challenge yet.

Spiteri, who is known for endurance racing is aiming to cycle round Sicily’s coastline – that is approximately 1,000km in two days. 

Spiteri is only too familiar with the Sicilian coastline having covered the distance four times over a span of four years. His first foray saw him take six days, until 2018 when he whittled it down to three days. 

In 2020, the stakes are much higher as he plans to cycle non-stop for two days.

Spiteri is no stranger to tough challenges – he names the Triple Ironman (11.4-kilometre swim, a 540-kilometre bike ride and a 126.6-kilometre run) amongst some of his endurance achievements. That’s not counting the massive amount of ironman races and hours of training he undertakes.

Such a challenge begs the question as to why?

Spiteri is passionate about animal welfare. Initially helping a number of animal shelters quietly, the amount of abandoned and abused animals has become so shocking that he has become very vocal of his support to these organisations. 

“Animal shelters are doing a wonderful job, with the limited resources, they have to give a comfortable home to abandoned animals as well as doing their best to give them the best treatment possible,” Spiteri said.

“Medicine, vet and food bills run into thousands. It is unbelievable. My target is to collect a minimum of €30,000, which will be distributed to all shelters who depend on donations.”

Of course, cycling 1000kms in two days will be tough, painful, physically and mentally demanding but all those who know Spiteri know he does not shy away from pain and discomfort.

Spiteri will be accompanied by a back up team and two athletes – Mark Schram, a locally based triathlete, and a Sicilian ultra-cyclist will be joining him on various legs of the journey. 

The back-up team will consist of a team car which will include a navigator, masseur and a camera person who will document the journey so as to keep promoting the cause well after the challenge is over.

“Because animals do not have a voice, they are generally the last to be given attention. They do deserve care, love and a comfortable life,” Spiteri continued.

“This challenge is being done to try and capture the public’s attention at these animals’ plight. We are not asking for much, but every little bit that trickles in will help.”

Spiteri is planning on leaving Malta on Monday for five days. He will start cycling on the best two days afforded in that time window and his target is to cover the distance between 48 and 52 hours.

A tracking system, provided by TrackMT, will be setup allowing for supporters to follow Spiteri during the cycle. 

Details will be posted on the Facebook page, specifically setup for this exploit.

The main sponsor for the Cycling 1000km Round Sicily is Hill’s Pet Nutrition Malta, and is supported by The Pasta Shop Malta, TrackMT, Philip Cachia (Masseur), GasanMamo Insurance, H2Only Purified Drinking Water, Attrans International Transport, Go&Fun Green Energy Drink Malta, Depot, Garmin Malta, Eurosport Malta, Wheel Wizard Malta  and Lawrence Sofa Cleaning.

Funds collected will be distributed to the following organisations, Animal Care Malta Cat Sanctuary, Animal Guardians Malta, Association for Abandoned Animals Sanctuary, CSAF Sanctuary, SPCA Gozo,  MSPCA,  Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary,  Stray Animals Support Group (SASG), The Island Sanctuary,  Tomasina Cat Sanctuary, Animal Protectors Malta, Rescue is my Favorite Breed, Malta Rabbit Club 1963,  RMJ Horse Rescue and Birdlife.

Donations can be made through the below channels: SMS Donation 50617312 for €2.33; 50618075 for €4.66; 50618923 for €6.99; 50619260 for €11.65; PayPal https://paypal.me/pools/c/8sTBPbudP9; Revolut +356 9981 6248

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