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South End Core ask for meeting with Malta FA to discuss fans return in stadiums

The South End Core, the supporters club of the national team, is requesting a meeting with the Malta Football Association to discuss the return of fans in football stadiums in Malta amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The national team’s supporters club was in the news in the last few weeks after kickstarting a campaign towards bringing the fans back to the football stadiums and they have tabled a number of proposals for discussion to ensure the return of supporters is done in a safe manner.

Also, this week, the South End Core, successfully hosted an outdoor cinema at the MFCC which enabled the national team fans to watch Malta’s final UEFA Nations League match against the Faroe Islands safely from their own car.

In a statement, the South End Core said that this month’s international window represented a perfect opportunity to test the return of fans protocol that would eventually be implemented for the national leagues and thus they are baffled why the Malta FA missed this opportunity.

“Are club representatives and committee members ready to welcome fans to the stadium or they do not want extra responsibility for their fans?” the South End Core asked.

“The South End Core is South End Core is officially requesting a meeting with the MFA to discuss the return of fans protocol. Added to that a national webinar is to be organised with the participation of MFA, South End Core and Supporter Clubs or Ultras representatitves to explain in detail the return of fans protocol and get feedback from all stakeholders.”

The South End Core said that once these meetings are held the MFA will then officially be in a position to propose the return of fans protocol to health authorities.

“In December 2020 this protocol will be tested on a weekend scale so that by the beginning of 2021 this can be officially implemented, albeit keeping in mind that study results are confirmed that this is doable, and no health risk is at stake to those who attend.”

The South End Core maintains that since a maximum of 300 people (National Stadium), was accepted by the health authorities for the national game, the pilot test should start with the same amount of people split as follows

National Stadium: 300 people (150 home fans & 150 away fans); Centenary Stadium: 150 people (75 home fans & 75 away fans); Victor Tedesco Stadium: 150 people (75 home fans & 75 away fans); Hibernians Stadium: 150 people (75 home fans & 75 away fans); Luxol Stadium: 100 people (50 home fans & 50 away fans).

“We believe that fans deserve to return to the stadium just the same as all people that were present last Tuesday,” the South End Core said.

“The supporter is an important stakeholder. If you lose the supporter, you will lose everything.

“Football without fans is nothing.”

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