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Watch: Bowling Academy Malta can lead young bowlers to a professional career

Rick Vogelesang with Bowling Academy Malta bowlers Kayden Lagana and Dwayne Zahra. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

Bowling Academy Malta can help young talented bowlers to embark on a professional career in the United States, head coach Rick Vogelesang told SportsTalk.

The Maltese bowling academy was only formed last year but has so far attracted a lot interest both locally and abroad in particular with the European Tenpin Bowling Federation and prestigious apparel company Brunswick BBB teaming up with the BAM coaches.

“The idea of forming Bowling Academy Malta came about from abroad,” Vogelesang told The Ties of Malta.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic I spoke with many overseas coaches and the idea of forming an academy came about,” the Malta bowling national coach said.

“I spoke with Sid Allen, who is a renowned overseas coach, and invited me to go to Singapore for two months and see their set-up and then we could have an exchange.

“I felt that it was a good idea and that it could attract far more recognition that the Malta Tenpin Bowling Association can now. So, we sat down and started planning for it and the response received was very good.”

Vogelesang said that the BAM provided young promising bowlers with the perfect opportunity to maximise their potential but more importantly act as a steppingstone of building a solid future in bowling.

“The main reason behind the academy is to promote the sport of bowling and create a path for Maltese youngsters,” Vogelesang said.

“The academy can be a great steppingstone for them to boost their future in bowling. There are many possibilities now to go to the United States where they can continue their studies and play bowling until they graduate. Then they can either go on an play on the professional tour or even continue to be involved in bowling in some other capacity with top companies.

“At present we have 24 bowlers, the majority of a young age, who are being trained by a number of coaches that include Sue Abela, who is an ETBA coach, as well as Hubert Camilleri, who has just got his licence. Our bowlers are given all the assistance they need including a sports psychologist as well as a nutritionist.

“We have a great set up and hopefully we can continue to produce more future champions who can make a career abroad.”

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