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Russian coach Cherchesov, striker Dzyuba walk out on Maltese media

Russian national coach Stanislav Cherchesov and striker Artem Dzyuba snubbed the Maltese media during the Match Day -1 press conference ahead of Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier against Malta at the National Stadium.

As it is the norm ahead of a competitive international match, the coach and a member of both national teams hold a press conference a day before the match to answer questions from members of the media from both countries.

Cherchesov and Dzyuba took their seat for the press conference and after initial connection problems were resolved, they both started to answer the questions of the Russian media.

The Malta Football Association followed all the proceedings expected by UEFA and brought a Russian interpreter to help the Maltese media to understand the answers from Cherchesov and Dzubya.

However, once the questions from the Russian media were completed, Cherchesov and Dzyuba stood up and left the press conference, leaving the Maltese media without the opportunity to make their own questions for the match.

According to the FIFA and UEFA regulations, all national teams must answer the questions of both sets of media but the Russians decided otherwise and left the room, much to the disappointment of the Maltese media.

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