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Malta Football Players Parents Group hits out at prolonged sports ban

The Malta Football Players’ Parents Group issued a statement to show their dismay at the government’s decision not to permit the resumption of competitive sports as well as training at any level or categories in football.

“Whilst we welcome the reopening of schools, we also believe that school and sports should go hand in hand. Unfortunately, no consideration has been given to the social impact that such decision inflicts on our children, including the health and wellbeing aspect.

“Us parents have witnessed changes in attitude, behaviour, frustration of our children as they cannot practice their sport which helped them build their self esteem, self respect and dignity, apart from the obvious beneficial physical aspects.

“According to recent studies conducted in Malta, sports is the least contributor to the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. With this decision, football for our youths will resume in August, which means that our kids would have spent another six months without proper training and without practicing their sport.

“Time that they will never recover.”

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