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MFPA joins calls for a gradual return of sport in Malta

The Malta Football Players Association expressed its frustration for the government’s decision not to let sports resume despite the fact that the number of COVID-19 cases have decreased substantially in the last few weeks.

“It is very disappointing, that sports in this country has not been allowed to resume,” the MFPA said in a statement.

“When one considers that the COVID-19 protocols used in the past months were effective, in that they were able to maintain a low infection rate when compared to other activities; that other countries, with a lower percentage of vaccinated people per capita than ours, have continued to practice sports.

“Unfortunately, sport is still being considered as just a hobby or an unnecessary luxury.

“In reality, sport is essential not only for the physical and mental health of people but also because it is the bread and butter of hundreds of people in Malta who depend on this sector to make a living.

“Our fear is that the repercussions of further delays may leave serious and long-lasting consequences.

“We join the Malta Football Association and other sport entities, in appealing to the government to allow the resumption of sports activities without further delay.”

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