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PDSC in favour of MFA proposed format for Premier League for 2021-22 season

The majority of the Premier Division Standing Committee (PDSC) are in favour of the format being proposed by the Malta Football Association on the composition of the top-flight for the 2021-22 season.

The 2020-21 season was brought to a halt earlier than expected by the Malta Football Association last month after the authorities opted against lifting the Legal Notice that banned all organised sport.

The Malta FA Executive Committee earlier this month discussed a number of proposals on formats for the Premier League, the Challenge League and the National Amateur League.

These proposals will be discussed and voted for approvals during the next MFA Council, which has yet to be given a scheduled date.

At the moment, the Premier League will be formed by 12 teams next season, four less than there were during the past season.

Sources have told Times of Malta, that the MFA is proposing that next year’s top-flight will see the 12 participating teams compete in a championships that will feature two phases and will feature a return for the Championship Pool and Relegation Pool formats.

In the first phase, teams will play each other in a two-round format. At the end of the first two rounds, the top six teams will be grouped in the Championship Pool and the remaining six teams will feature in the Relegation Pool. All points amassed in the opening phase will be retained.

Sources have told the Times of Malta, that the Premier Division Standing Committee is only in favour of the Championship Pool and Relegation Pool format as it was the only way that teams will be able to play 27 matches during a season.

In fact, the MFA had also tabled a proposal of having the championship being played over three rounds but the clubs objected to it as it would see the teams play 33 matches, which would inevitably force a number of midweek programmes on a regular basis.

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