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Watch: Maltese bowlers Sara Xuereb and Matthew Magro to pursue career at US university

Maltese bowlers Matthew Magro and Sara Xuereb are heading to the United States to continue their careers at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia.

Xuereb had already been chosen to form part of the prestigious American University but was forced to spend her first year of studies in Malta virtually but now she is set to head to the States to start her adventure with a familiar team-mate.

Sara Xuereb and Matthew Magro speak on their experience in the US. Videos: Jonathan Borg

In fact, Xuereb will be joined by Bowling Academy Malta team-mate Matthew Magro who was also given the chance to pursue his bowling career and studies in the United States.

“I am really delighted that I have been chosen for this experience which is going to be massive for my career,” Magro told the Times of Malta.

“I had two very good seasons in 2020 and 2021 and the coach at the American University approached me through social media and asked me if I was interested to join Sara in Atlanta. I immediately accepted and since then we have been in constant contact and everything is now ready for me to go to the US to continue my studies and my bowling career over there.”

Magro said it was difficult for him to turn down such a massive opportunity and the fact that he will be accompanied in this journey by Xuereb made it even easier for him to accept.

“It’s difficult to reject such great opportunities,” Magro said.

“This is an opportunity for me that will help me to be successful not only in my education but also help me to develop further as a bowling player. Obviously, having Sara with me makes it easier as we can help each other in this new adventure.”

Rick Vogelesang explains what it means for Maltese bowling to have two bowlers in the US.

On her part, Sara Xuereb had been chosen for this adventure in November 2020 but unfortunately due to a number of circumstances, including the COVID-19 pandemic, she was forced to spend her first year in Malta.

But now the talented Maltese bowlers is looking forward to making this step in the US.

“Initially I was planning to go the States in March but unfortunately I had to spend my first year virtually here. Now I have completed my first year of studies and I am looking forward to completing my remaining three years at the American University and obviously training bowling on a professional level.

“The fact that I will have Matthew Magro with me is of big help because when you get into something so big it’s good to have someone to know with you to help you through all the difficulties so I am really looking forward to it.”

Asked to give some details on their experience in the US, Xuereb said: “In the US we will be training every day under top-rated coaches. Every two weeks we will be involved in bowling competitions outside our states where we will be facing different teams from various states so it’s a great challenge for us.

“No doubt it’s a great form of preparation for us so that in the end we can look forward to trying and play on the professional tour in the US.”

On his part, Rick Vogelesang, who is the coach of Sara Xuereb and Matthew Magro at the Bowling Academy Malta, said that their move to the US was a huge opportunity not only for them but also for the sport of bowling in Malta.

“This is huge for bowling in Malta and something we are looking forward to,” the Dutch coach said.

“Sara and Matthew are heading to the US where they can complete their academical studies at a university abroad and at the same time make sport their life and play professionally.

“Bowling in the United States is huge. Recently, there was a tournament for girls that had a prize money of $100,000, and that says a lot of how popular the sport has become.

“Obviously in college sport, basketball and American football are the biggest sport but bowling I think is now the third biggest so the opportunities are there and it will be good for the careers of both Matthew and Sara.”

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