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Watch: Harding maintains winning streak in Salina

Buttigieg wins females’ category

Although no course records were broken in Salina on Sunday during the third race of the Go & Fun BSJ Sprint Triathlon, Julian Harding’s winning streak continued.

Harding, a clear favourite this season, won his third in as many races with a four minute advantage over second placed Keith Galea.

Harding’s swimming experience has been evident throughout, gaining a strong advantage from the very start and putting him on the forefront of the race in the 20km bike course. 

He maintained his lead throughout, increasing the gap as the race progressed.  Harding finished the race in 1 hour 21 seconds.

Harding was followed by Keith Galea who maintained his second placing and finished in 1 hour,  four minutes and twenty six seconds. In third place, following a very strong run was Jesrit Angel Camilleri who clocked a time of 1 hour six minutes and nine seconds.

In the female category, Lara Buttigieg took her second win in the Series. She kept a comfortable lead throughout.

A stronger swim from Pia Zammit saw her exit the water behind Buttigieg, however a stronger bike and run from newcomer Krista Kuusijarvi saw Zammit being pipped to second place by thirty nine seconds.

Nevertheless Zammit’s performance saw her shave off nearly a minute from her previous race timing. 

The final race of the Go&Fun BSJ Sprint Triathlon Series will take place on Sunday, September 19 in Salina at 7.30am. The race has been designated as the National Sprint Triathlon Championships by the Malta Triathlon Federation. 

Go&Fun BSJ Sprint Triathlon Series Race 3 results

1. Julian Harding (Individual) 1:00.21; 2. Keith Galea (Birkirkara St Joseph) 1:04:26; 3. Jesrit Angel Camilleri (Mosta Tri Team) 1:06:09.

1. Lara Buttigieg (Pembroke Athleta) 1:11:01; 2. Krista Kuusijarvi  (Individual) 1:16:20; 3. Pia Zammit (MYTA) 1:16:59.

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