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Depiro Basketball Club launch winter programme

Depiro Basketball Club had an intensive summer with various sports programmes which have come to conclusion recently.

Children took part in the clubs’ basketball and gymnastics academies, dance classes, and Summer School club.

More than 500 children took part in these programmes where they learned the fundamentals of sports that include agility, balance, coordination and speed which are usually referred as physical literacy.   

“We have passed through very hard times and it was a great step forward that sports clubs were allowed to operate this summer,” club CEO Ruben Baldacchino said.

“It was a breath of fresh air for most kids as they have been suffering from both the physical and mental aspect during the previous months with a lot of limitations of what they can and cannot do.

“As one of the leading sports clubs on the island, we tried our best to give the right opportunities while adhering to COVID-19 regulations so that children could enjoy doing sport in a safe environment.”

Following the summer programme the club has launched its winter schedule which includes a list of sports fundamentals, SibtSport, where children practice nine different sports disciplines throughout the scholastic calendar (October to May).

The aim is to create an awareness of different sports activities to children aged 3 to 10 years, so that when they grow older they know which sports activity is the best for them while developing their physical and cognitive skills.

As previous years the basketball and gymnastics academy will continue on the work done throughout the summer period together with our dance classes, which are dance fundamentals and hip-hop.

The club is expecting a record number of 700 participants this winter in different programmes offered.

Depiro Basketball Club said that it will continue to promote its inclusivity policy where all children are given the same opportunities to practise sport and live a healthy lifestyle.

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