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Jarhead Young Sailors Foundation and Centre for Sports Excellence sign MoU

Jarhead Young Sailors Foundation administrator Wilfrid Buttigieg (left) shaking hands with Center for Sport Excellence founder Martin Borg.

The Jarhead Young Sailors Foundation (JYSF) and the Center for Sport Excellence (CSE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will provide an accredited education and training structure for the program offered by the JYSF.

The basis of the MoU revolves around the concept of ‘learning by doing’ which will allow participants to practice sport, learn and develop life skills through the sport of sailing.

JYSF Administrator, Wilfrid Buttigieg stated: “This project is based upon the belief that the sailing experience provides for the development of life skills such as teamwork, discipline, communication, a sense of adventure, maritime-related skills, and more. 

“Hence the main aim is that participants are allowed to obtain the necessary life skills and attitudes to become active citizens with the ability to succeed at work and in society.”

On his part, Martin Borg, Founder of the CSE , said: “This MoU will lead to the development of education and training provision that is non-formal and applied. We will be jointly working so that we ensure students enjoy their activity through sailing and at the same time meet the requirements as established by the directorate for standards and quality in education.”

Buttigieg added: “The signing of this MOU is another step forward for the Foundation whereby we will also provide an accredited curriculum programme.

“The transformation of the acquired learning experience into an accredited certificate will be useful for our participants when entering the world of employment.

“We are aware that several students who have been introduced to sailing via the Foundation have now found employment in the maritime sector.

“We aim to keep working in this direction and provide all participants who commit beyond the first sessions with accredited certification according to the levels of experience and training they achieve.” 

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