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Use of cannabis can still result in doping violation for Maltese athletes – NADO

Malta’s National Anti-Doping Organisation issued a statement on Wednesday to make it clear that the use of cannabis from sports athletes could still constitute a doping violation.

On Tuesday, Maltese Parliament has approved cannabis law that will allow users to carry, buy and grow amounts of the drug, making Malta the first European country to introduce laws to regulate recreational cannabis use.

NADO said that “substances under section 8 “Cannabinoids” of the 2021 WADA Prohibited List and 2022 WADA Prohibited List remain prohibited in sport during the in-competition period.”

In its statement, NADO said that: “Consumption of cannabinoids in out-of-competition period can still result in an anti-doping rule violation for a doping control test taken in-competition since the prohibited substance may take weeks to be removed from the body’s system.

“Passive smoking of cannabinoids may also result in a positive test especially in environments where THC is heavily consumed.

“Other violations related to these prohibited substances (included but not limited to possession, attempted use, trafficking etc) are still to be treated as an anti-doping rule violations. Changes in the status of any prohibited substance will be issued by WADA and published in teh government gazette.”

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