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Watch: Malta FA Technical Centre holds the Grassroots Leaders Course

A total of 39 aspiring coaches took part in the Grassroots Leaders Course organised by the Malta FA Technical Centre.

Coaching Education is part of Goal 1 in the Malta FA Strategy as it aims to build from the bottom and sustain this work with all the resources at its disposal. 

It is thus imperative to focus on Grassroots coaching. Coaching education is becoming a crucial complementary tool in the achievement of the unified game philosophy that the MFA Strategy is proposing.

Course participants vary from ex-footballers to people who want to take a more active role in the game.  

The 20-hour course is the first level in the coaching pathway and thus provides the basics skills in coaching, targeting players up to 9yrs of age.

The course was held in the second week of December and had both theoretical and practical sessions. 

Those in possession of a Grassroots Leadership Course Certificate can assist coaches in local football nurseries and eventually apply to enrol in the UEFA C course.

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