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Winter Olympics

Snowboarder Jenise Spiteri to represent Malta at the Winter Olympics

Jenise Spiteri will be representing Malta at the upcoming Winter Olympics that will be held in Beijing this month.

The snowboarder issued a statement on her social media to reveal the news and the America-bassed athlete could not hide her pride in becoming Malta’s first-ever snowboarder at the Beijing Games.

“It still doesn’t feel real- and I don’t think it will until I arrive in Beijing,” Spiteri wrote on her facebook page.

“But HOLY MOLY I’M GOING TO BEIJING! Qualifying for the Olympics has been such a crazy battle, with way more unexpected struggles than I imagined facing when I first began, but I’m so proud of myself for sticking to my goal and never quitting. I’ve finally earned my chance to represent Malta as their first-ever Olympic snowboarder.

“The past 8 years of putting everything I had into this dream has been far from easy, but along the way I got to travel the world, make amazing memories, and meet great friends.

“I’m going to be giving it my all here in Switzerland for my last 11 days of training before the Games to try and accomplish my goals so I can put down a dream run for everyone to watch in Beijing.

“And of course I couldn’t have done it without your help along the way. Big thank you everyone who’s given me a couch to sleep on, a donation to my gofundme, a ride to the mountain, or a hot meal over this journey.”

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