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New COVID-19 vaccine certificate measures discriminate sports fans – South End Core

The South End Core, the official supporters club of the Malta national football teams, has appealed to the authorities to treat sporting events in the same way as other sectors after sports was omitted from the list of activities where a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate will no longer be needed as from next month.

On Tuesday, Health Minister Chris Fearne announced in his speech in Parliament that vaccination certificates will not be needed for entry into restaurants, snack bars and social clubs from February 7.

From February 14, certificates will not be needed for entry to bars, gyms, spas, pools, cinemas and theatres.

They will continue for the time being to be needed for entry for mass events, sports events, gaming halls, nightclubs, and travel.

In a statement, the South End Core said that while it welcomed the new relaxation measures announced by the government, they feel disappointed that sport has again been omitted from the new directives.

“While the South End Core welcomes with open arms the relaxation measures that were announced by the government that as from February 7, 2022, a vaccine certificate will no longer be obligatory so that one enters a restaurant, snack bars, band clubs and that as from February 14 there will be no need of a certificate to gain access to bars, gyms, pools spas, cinemas, and theatres, yet for the umpteenth time sports followers have been omitted from the new regulations,” the South End Core said in a statement.

“In a cinema, which is an indoor event one can enter without a certificate while in a stadium, which is an outdoor venue, one has to show a COVID-19 certificate if he is gain access.

“We are asking the government to treat everyone on the same level and no discrimination is done. We that love to follow sport, watch our kids play and have fun, that follows the team we are passionate about and also the players would like as all the rest of the country to return to normality at the same time as others.”

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