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Thornton and Ciantar win overall titles at Malta Open Championships

The Malta Weightlifting Association organised the annual Malta Open Championships where Tenishia Thornton and Shaun Ciantar won the overall titles for the day.

Almost a tradition for every single competition now, Thornton managed some new national records and personal bests at the meet.

The 16-year-old finished with a 79kg snatch and 98kg clean and jerk in the 59kg weight category. She not only placed first in the U-17 and U-20 age categories, but also won the title for the seniors with a whopping 248 points. 

Kim Camilleri Lagana topped the Under 15 age category and followed Thornton in the ranking all the way to the senior age group.

Camilleri Lagana finished with a 48kg snatch and 63kg clean and jerk that gave her a total of 198 points. Elisia Scicluna placed third for the senior female age group after snatching 75kg, clean and jerking 98kg for a total of 183 points.

Other notable female results came from Aaliyah Gatt who finished right behind Camilleri Lagana in the U-15 age category.

She managed a 43kg snatch along with a 60kg clean and jerk, earning her 178 points.

Kaya Curmi Inguanez finished third in the U-15 category with 153 points.

The men’s overall title was won by Shaun Ciantar who ended with a 112kg snatch and 130kg clean and jerk in the 81kg weight category. His 242kg total earned him 297 points which was only four points ahead of second-placed Anton Micallef.

Micallef managed a snatch of 110kg, clean and jerk of 137kg which gave him 293 points. Vlad Baldacchino, who is still recovering from an injury, managed a third placing, finishing with 282 points.

Youth athlete and National School of Sport student Rylee Borg had an excellent competition, with personal bests lifts across the board.

Borg managed a 97kg snatch and 118kg clean and jerk which also earned him a qualifying spot for the European Junior Championships. His 277-point finish also placed him first in the U-17 and U-20 age categories.

Nathan Mifsud, another National School of Sport athlete, finished first in the cadet age category. He managed a 34kg snatch and 48kg clean and jerk, earning 159 points.

Meanwhile, Thornton and national team coach Jesmond Caruana will be leaving for Greece at the end of this week to compete at the IWF Junior World Championships.

Thornton will compete in the 55kg weight category.

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