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Hibernians complete comeback to secure Under 19 title

Hibernians 88
Luxol 61
(30-17, 11-14, 22-10, 25-20)

Hibernians raised the 2022 Under-19 men trophy after a merited victory in game three of the finals series which had set off with a Luxol win in game one and then the Paolites registering back-to-back wins.

Similar to game two, Hibs managed to shut off Luxol’s outside shooting potential and started distancing themselves after a late 19-5 run, including treys from Neil Cassar and Luca Borg, in the first quarter which ended with a 20-17 scoreline.

Luxol improved in the second quarter and managed to slightly reduce the deficit with Ben Davies notching seven points in the second rubber.

Any thoughts of a Luxol comeback dissipated after the interval when Hibs, led by Matthew Attard, had a ten-point streak and closed the third quarter with a comfortable 63-41 lead.

In the last rubber, Luxol kept on trying to increase their tally as Matthew Sciberras ended as their top scorer.

But Hibs managed to neutralise all this as they maintained their lead with Gabriel Cassar also going over double digits in personal scores.

MBA president Paul Sultana presented the winners’ trophy to the Hibs team after the game.

Hibs: N. Cassar 22, S. Borg 1, D. Brincat, L. Attard, M. Attard 17, L. Borg 23, A. Zelalem 7, S. Simic, M. Riegel, J. Borg 2, V. Kustudvja. G. Cassar 16

Luxol: A. Attard, B. Davies 13, J. Cefai 7, N. Engelbert 4, V. Engin, M. Sciberras 18, A. Trapani 8, B. Debono 2, J. Pace Debono 7, A. Enriquez, M. Vassallo Pulis 2, A. Vella.

Referees: I. Ciurariu, N. Azzopardi, F. Ciurariu.

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