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Andre Schembri’s Traainer to offer training programme developed by leading experts

Andre Schembri’s Traainer have made another step forward in their continuous growth after launching a fully automatic and access training programme developed by world leading experts.

Traainer, whose mastermind behind it is the former Malta international, is focused solely on the individual development of the player with round-the-clock support in all aspects.

In fact, through these newly-launched programmes, Traainer will be aiding its clients in various aspects including nutrition and fitness.

“Along with a team of world leading practitioners, we wanted to ensure that we build a platform to address the issue of access,” Schembri said in Traainer’s statement.

“The Traainer Academy provides programmes that elevate your game – both mentally and physically.

“Our aim is to optimise performance potential, through accessible online products designed to support and enhance athletic performance on the field.

The products have been meticulously designed by industry leading practitioners who have developed some of the game’s brightest, emerging talent.”

The list of the products that Traainer is offering are:

  1. Periodised Strength & Conditioning Programme 
    • Available for 1st Team, U21, U18, U16, U14 players.
    • Players chose their Focus: Strength & Hypertrophy, Speed & Power or Energy System Development.
    • Programmes are progressively periodised in distinct phases across the season, allowing players to continuously develop and offset stagnation.

  1. *Performance Nutrition Package in partnership with SZND 
    • Monthly nutrition resource packs containing practical meal plan templates, accompanying recipes & educational content
    • Designed to educate, empower and guide players in supporting their training and competition goals.

  1. *Individual Programme Customisation (Upon Acceptance) 
    • A truly bespoke programme, intricately designed to the players individual needs
    • Includes 1-1 x 30-min consultation with a Professionally Accredited S&C coach.
    • TRAAINER discuss player needs together. The Team designs it; the player follows it and reaps the rewards.

*These products are available at a separate cost to the periodised S&C programme. The Individual Programme is based on acceptance via Application (Please email [email protected] for further details).  

Below is the link to access the Academy:

Traainer also offers a bespoke service on application; for those seeking 1-1 guidance, support and face-to-face interaction. 

  1. Pro Player Bespoke Offering
    • In-Season support, designed to complement what players receive at their clubs whilst providing the missing stimulus.
    • Enhance longevity, prioritise health, recovery and wellbeing in view of performing consistently at the highest level.

  1. 1-1 Multidisciplinary Specialist Consultation
    • Book 30 minute 1-1 call with Performance Nutritionist, Performance Psychologist or an Insights Coach.

  1. Exclusive Training Camps
    • UK, Malta, Change of Scenery Rehab Camps in partnership with The Lewin Clinic.

  1. Webinars (Free for Academy Customised Programme subscribers).

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