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Kayden Laganà signs contract with Brunswick Bowling Corporation

Thirteen-year-old tenpin bowler Kayden Laganà became the first young athlete to get an international sponsorship deal after he was chosen to be part of the newly formed International Brunswick Youth Team.

The contract was signed at the local council of the city of Vittoriosa and witnessed by the mayor John Boxall, Laganà’s place of residence.

“I’m extremely happy to sign this contract with the best bowling company in the world,” Laganà said.

“This has been a dream of mine ever since I started bowling. Joining the National Sport School in Pembroke and be part of the Bowling Academy of Malta were the best decisions I made, they all made this happen.”

Laganà has made no secret that his ambition is to continue his career in the United States on a professional basis and hopes this deal will keep him on track to reach this objective.

“My dream is to study and play professional in the United States and meet my idols and play against them on the professional bowling tour,” Laganà told the Times of Malta.

In a statement, the Bowling Academy of Malta said that this is a very exciting opportunity for Laganà and are sure he will be making the best of it.

“He’s very competitive, trains hard, always trying to get better,” his mentor and youth coach Sue Abela said. “He knows what he is talking about when it comes to technical questions, he knows his equipment and when to use it, he even keeps me sharp.”

On his part, Bill Hartofillis, who is the main distributor of Brunswick in Malta, said: “Kayden is a promising new athlete; a huge inspiration and his accomplishments prove that. We have been following him on social media since the start of our partnership with the Academy in Malta and everyone here at Brunswick are sure that he will do extraordinary well.”

Rick Vogelesang, head coach at the Bowling Academy of Malta, said: “To be one of the youngest boys and representing my Academy and Malta is a special moment for him, and for me. Kayden and his parents made some huge sacrifices.

“No doubt, this recognition and support for Kayden is opening the door for the young and upcoming players of my academy. This is only the beginning.”

The sponsorship is a collaboration between The Bowling Academy of Malta, Balkan Bowling & Billiards Supply of Greece and The Brunswick Bowling Corporation of the US in giving young bowling athletes a chance to live their dream.

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