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Team OkMalta.com confirmed as champions in MTBA Division One

Reigning champions OkMalta.com were recently confirmed as champions of the MAPFRE MSV Life Division 1 organised by the Malta Tenpin Bowling Association.  

This year, Division 1 was split into two groups after the first round, based on top five and bottom five teams.

After a dominant first round, OkMalta.com only required a few more points in the second round, and having already been confirmed champions a couple of weeks before, they enrolled a brand new player, Edward Mifsud, against Firstbridge on the last day of the competition.

The inevitable 8-0 loss to Firstbridge made no difference to the standings, as OkMalta.com still ended ten points ahead of Powerfruit with Firstbridge finishing fifth.  

The fight for second, third and fourth place was much closer.

With Powerfruit having concluded their season a week earlier, they needed Total to fail to beat Turu’s Knights, while the latter needed a full eight points against Total to manage third place. 

Turu’s won the first two games, but then faltered in the last one to ensure that Total achieved third place, three points behind Powerfruit and one ahead of Turu’s.  

This game also had the best bowlers of the night, with Mark Spiteri (Turu’s) and Sue Abela (Total) bowling a 676 and 655 respectively.

The last day for Group B ended up as a formality as all positions were settled by the previous week.  On the last day, Bank of Valletta beat Royal Shock 6-2, with The Revengers overcoming SuperSonic with the same scoreline.

In Division Two, Brutal Legendz ended two points ahead of Up Your Average, to end up as winners of the division and win promotion to Division One next season.

Final Standings

Group A: okmalta.com (76), POWERFRUIT (66), Total (63), Turu’s Knights (62), Firstbridge (48).

Group B: The Revengers (56), Royal Shock (50), Supersonic (37), Bank of Valletta (34), BOV 28

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