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Watch: Ray Farrugia tells youngsters to never give up as he launches autobiography

Ray Farrugia has a clear message for all the young players who dream of having a career in football – never give up – as the former national team coach launched his biography this week.

Farrugia, fondly known as Zazu, has established himself as a very popular figure in football circles as he made a name for himself playing first for Floriana and then heading to Australia where he donned the colours of the Melita Eagles before returning home to play for Naxxar Lions.

However, Ray Farrugia’s biggest impact came as a coach where he made a name for himself as Malta Under 21 coach and then as national team coach.

Inevitably his football journey has provided with some valuable lessons as Farrugia relates his valuable experiences in his book, named ‘And in Malta Is My Home’.

“I believe that there are a lot of things in my autobiography that one can learn from,” Farrugia told the Times of Malta.

“The biggest message I want to send with my book is that when you are young you should never give up. During my childhood I did not have a lot of opportunities, but when I was given a chance I grabbed it with both hands and never looked back. Today, children have a lot of opportunities and should try and make the most of them.

“Family for me has been the most important factor behind my success. When you have a united family behind you, one can do anything. When you are a player and you are always on the road, travelling around and you spend little time with your family it’s not easy, but having their support is very important.

“I believe that there is a great story in my book, that gives a lot of details on my life and my biggest passion which is football.”

Farrugia said that through his book he wants to transmit some important values.

“Who wants to make a career in football he needs to have great dedication,” Farrugia said.

“Young players have to understand that they need to work a lot and never think that after climbing one step it means that they have a clear way to the top. In life you are always going to have a lot of obstacles.

“Parents should not put any pressure on their children. Leave them enjoy the game.

“But the message I would like to pass on most is that if you are a young player and that you have an aim in your life you need to want it badly.

“To succeed in life you need to have a strong will, be honest and ready to make huge sacrifices.”

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